The Fair Work Commission announced that from 1st July 2019 modern award rates will increase by 3%.

If your staff are on Award Rates please ensure that you check with your awards prior to processing your first payroll of the financial year that you are paying the correct rates.

Also those staff that you currently feel you pay above the award rates will need to be check to ensure they don’t fall below the minimum award rates.

If you have any questions or concerns you can call one of our friendly team on 07 3879 9003.

Admin Advantage now has a Xero Certified Consultant – Congratulations to Julie on achieving her certification to become a Xero Advisor.








“Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business: 
unlimited users and 24/7 support … not to mention the security and reliability you’d expect from Xero.” – Xero


Julie can now help you with any questions you may have about Xero including;

  • How to utilise Xero’s everyday features.
  • Help you stay up to date with Xero feature releases and other updates at Xero.
  • Provide you with the advice you need on using Xero.


Benefits of Xero


To find out more contact Admin Advantage or Visit the Xero Website.



The End of Financial Year is Fast Approaching

That means getting all your paperwork ready so that the annual meeting with your accountant is based on real figures.

It’s so important that you get your ducks in a row BEFORE you go to see your accountant and BEFORE the end of the financial year so you have time to act on their recommendations.

It’s no good after the 1st of July and it’s no good if the information you provide to them is not accurate and up to date.

So here is a short summary of the things you should have sorted BEFORE you do your year end review


Bookkeeping Tasks:

  • Ensure last year is finalised – Journals are done and your financials match with financials lodged with the ATO.
  • Last year tax return needs to be lodged and you should have a copy
  • Make any adjustments in the data file for any FBT year end adjustments @ 31st March 2017.
  • Review the list of Assets & remove obsolete items
  • Plan for a stock take if you haven’t already done one
  • Write off any old unrecoverable debts
  • Check your payroll is in balance YTD.
  • Check your Trade Debtors & Trade Creditors are in balance.
  • Ensure all of your BAS are lodged
  • Gather together all documents (invoices and finance agreements) for any capital purchases

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